Personal loans – making a real difference in the lives of many South Africans


Nedbank’s “real difference” The campaign highlights the positive impact the loans have had on ordinary South Africans. The campaign tells true stories of how clients have improved their lives with a personal loan, changing the social stigma attached to it.

Thokozani explains how a personal loan has helped him pay off other debts, giving him access to extra cash to renovate his family’s house, while paying a lower monthly payment.

Lucia’s story is sincere. Her granddaughter, Wavhudi, needed urgent medical attention. Lucy shares how a personal loan has helped her cover expensive medical bills, transportation costs, and even accommodation near the hospital. Wavhudi has recovered well and Lucia can now enjoy watching her grow into a happy and healthy child.

Shirley recounts how she and her sister lost their mother at a young age, relying on foster families and grants to survive. She managed to enroll in an apprenticeship program and continued to work tirelessly until she found a job. As she was the main breadwinner, she knew she needed to earn more to improve their lives. She then approached Nedbank about a rental business idea to generate additional income to cover her and her sister’s needs.

By taking out a personal loan that she could afford, she was able to renovate her family home by building a garage and three additional bedrooms, which she now rents, giving her a stable source of income for her sister to go to. university.

These are just a few amazing stories of how ordinary South Africans have used a personal loan to change their lives. Financial service providers have an important role to play in guiding and advising clients on which loan products to take, ensuring that clients take out loans for the right reasons and can afford the repayments.

Nedbank offers its clients a tailor-made loan in the right amount, with the best interest rate we can offer, so that our clients can get the financial help they need so badly to meet their needs.

Visit Nedbank’s True Loan Stories page to see how more and more people are improving their lives with a personal loan.

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